Vojvodina Has Brought Victory to Tadić

02. apr 2008

According to CESID’s preliminary results, in Vojvodina the presidential candidate Boris Tadić won 55.1 percent v…

BRANKA PRPA: Marginalization of Vojvodina’s Tradition

02. apr 2008

“Vojvodina had all postulates of a civilized society to be the matrix – the home of Serbian unification but, throug…

Vrbas: A SRS (Serbian Radical Party) committee member assaulted the female activist of DS

02. apr 2008

Democratic Party (DS) in Vrbas criticize today the member of Serbian Radical Party (SRS) Radisav Gelić who assaulted…

ALEKSANDAR POPOV: Dangerous illusion about traitors

02. apr 2008

Director of Novi Sad’s Center for Regionalism, Aleksandar Popov, says that the campaign led by DSS (Democratic Part…

Concession – a fig for or still figures!

01. apr 2008

The Government of Serbia at yesterday’s telephone session decided to prolong the time limit of the Agreement on Conc…

BRANISLAV POMORIŠKI: Distress Sale Worse Than General Sale

21. jan 2008

The Serbian government in its style – therefore foggy and ambiguous but very orchestrated – announced selling of t…

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