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The Third Convention of Vojvodina

26. jan 2009

Remaining consistent to the attitudes and aims of the First and Second conventions of Vojvodina, written in the docume…

NEDIM SEJDINOVIĆ: The Least Grimmest Solution

23. jun 2008

When in June 2008, the AP Vojvodina Assembly decided to transfer the foundation rights on the print media in minority la…

MIHAL RAMAČ: A Vojvodina in a semi-European Serbia

19. jun 2008

No wagers were being laid on election results for the Vojvodina Assembly. If they were, the highest profit would make be…

TEOFIL PANČIĆ: Koshava from the Danube

11. jun 2008

The Radicals, therefore, have lost Novi Sad, and have been defeated in Vojvodina, for consolation they may, as it seems…

PANEL DISCUSSION: Vojvodina or a Story About Elections (Sremska Mitrovica)

03. jun 2008

The possibility to form a democratic government or a government of democratic forces in Vojvodina is important in psyc…

Plasnik: Nobody brings into question that Vojvodina is in Serbia

29. maj 2008

Austrian Foreign Affair Minister Ms. Ursula Plasnik said that stories that Vojvodina will follow Kosovo in the way to i…

IVANA DULIĆ MARKOVIĆ: Vojvodina forms European government in Belgrade

23. maj 2008

G17 Plus vice-president Ivana Dulić Marković believes that the second round of provincial elections will be decisive…

MILENKO PEROVIC: Does Vojvodina exist?

20. apr 2008

The above question appears quite radical, even senseless in face of the evident reality of historical and presently wi…

JÓZSEF KASA: Bad moment for the territorial autonomy of the Hungarians

16. apr 2008

Former leader of the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians József Kasza said that having focused in the election campaign o…

SÁNDOR PÁLL: The autonomy of Vojvodina and the autonomy of minority are not opposed!

09. apr 2008

Democratic Community of Vojvodina Hungarians (DZVM), whose president is our collocutor Sándor Páll, is a part of coal…

TODOR GAJINOV: Property of Vojvodina – Looking back

06. apr 2008

During the real autonomy of Vojvodina in the period from 1974 to 1990, when Vojvodina had at its disposal all material as

ALEKSANDAR POPOV: Vojvodina in view of the presidential elections and the outcome of the Kosovo issue

04. apr 2008

After an extremely high score won by Tomislav Nikolić in the first round of the presidential elections, Vojvodina expe…

Pihler: Vojvodina will not forget new Constitution to Democratic Party

03. apr 2008

Dr Stanko Pihler, the President of Forum Iuris, Novi Sad’s NGO that gathers the leading Vojvodina’s lawyers, said for t…

NENAD ČANAK: Autonomous option has yet to be created!

03. apr 2008

– The Great-Serbia centralist project proved its absolute ineptitude having lost the influence everywhere in the for…

PAVEL DOMONJI: Without Vojvodina in the media

02. apr 2008

The issue of autonomy does encroach on the territorial organization of state. This is the issue of citizens and not the i…

TEOFIL PANČIĆ: Cultural Identity of Vojvodina

02. apr 2008

Belgrade’s media have their correspondents from Novi Sad and other bigger cities, reporting on, I don’t know, there an…

RADIVOJ STEPANOV: Vojvodina will be a state

02. apr 2008

A year from the referendum that, at least in a strange way confirmed the Constitution of Serbia, a discussion how much th…

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